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by Carrie Clevenger 

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Crooked Fang
by Carrie Clevenger 

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Blood and Fire

by Carrie Clevenger & Nerine Dorman

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Just My Blood Type
by Carrie Clevenger & Nerine Dorman

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Who's That Guy?  Crooked Fang Revealed
Interview with Greg Enkler, in a reveal of the cover model for the book Crooked Fang.

The Chronicles of January James: Real Vampires Don't Sparkle
This is still up for debate? Jeez.
Author of Crooked Fang, Traitors, et. al.

Reviews for Traitors

Reviews for Crooked Fang

Book Review: Crooked Fang
Icy Sedgwick, a multi-genre author in her own right, reviews Crooked Fang.

A review for Crooked Fang by Will Knight
Yes, dudes dig it too.

Carrie Clevenger's new book sizzles
Cathy Oliffe-Webster reviews Crooked Fang at Life on the Muskoka River

Bitten By Books takes a bite out of Crooked Fang
Quick look at Crooked Fang by H&H

Suz ponders over why she likes me so much.

Crooked Fang bags a five-star review
Eva's Sanctuary: Review of Crooked Fang 

Reviews for Just My Blood Type

Book Review - Just My Blood Type
Review by the lovely girls at Emused

Review of Just My Blood Type
Eva Cutter Coppersmith reviews the collab.

Monday Mini Reviews
Quick blurb by Wicked Little Pixie.

[Review] Just My Blood Type
Icy Sedgwick reviews the freebie.

Reviews for Blood and Fire

Review - Blood and Fire
Nadine Maritz gives an overview of the collab. 

Review of Blood and Fire
Eva Cutter Coppersmith returns to bat with another book review of my second offering in a collab.

Book review: Blood and Fire by Carrie Clevenger and Nerine Dorman
Noor A. Janhangir gives a pretty fucking eloquent review on the new book. He was also a reader of Just My Blood Type, so comparison of styles are made.

Texas Two-Step
Synde Korman gives her opinion on the book.

More Interviews

OTOH Interview with Xan Marcelles - Crooked Fang
Had me a sitdown with Tim VonSant one of the brains behind #Fridayflash

In Conversation with a Vampire, Xan Marcelles
One of the hardest interviews I've ever done.

Xan Marcelles of Crooked Fang talks, Are You Afraid?

Includes a special excerpt from Charlie, owner of Pale Rider.

Miss Amy Lee Burgess, shifter-author extraordinaire gives me the time of day. I quote Joan Jett. 

A Drink with Xan Marcelles
Interviewed by one hell of a good author herself, Sonya Clark. I tell a joke.

A Little Night Music
Interviewed by music ghoul-turned part-time bookseller, Synde Korman. Find out what my favorite music is, what book I hold above all others, and where I'm headed.

Interview with Xan Marcelles
Hung out with Mizz Eva who asks where the CF logo came from.

An Interview with Xan Marcelles
Talked with horror author Joan De La Laye. She asks me what the deal is with the whiskey.

One Happy Fangirl...:) - Interview with Xan Marcelles (Crooked Fang)
Sit-down with author Rebecca Dobbie. She wears a nice red shirt and asks me what creature is the weirdest or scariest to me.

Interview with a Sex Kitten, err, Vampire
Cathy Olliffe-Webster wrote one hell of an intro for me and the author and asks about my past.