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Add My Shit

by Carrie Clevenger 

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Crooked Fang
by Carrie Clevenger 

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Blood and Fire

by Carrie Clevenger & Nerine Dorman

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Just My Blood Type
by Carrie Clevenger & Nerine Dorman

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Crooked Fang ebook is moving - News

Beloved readers of Crooked Fang:


The new ebook cover

Soon, the ebook links for my flagship novel, Crooked Fang, will be removed from vendor sites. Lyrical Press has undergone a business change and I decided that was not the right direction for my series. I'm in the process of changing the ebook back to the way it was written, accent marks and all. I've a goal to get the book back up on the vendor sites as soon as possible.

These changes only temporarily affect the ebook version of Crooked Fang. No other title will be changed from the current form.

If you are a current ebook holder:

To my knowledge, this will not affect your copy. I will be extending an offer out of courtesy in the near future to all Crooked Fang ebook owners to get a free updated version. The updates will be both cosmetic (both versions will now have the dark blue "print" cover pictured to the right) along with extremely minor edits in the text. Main changes will be the re-introduction of native speakers' accent marks as appropriate (and respectful) back into the story.

To get your free updated copy (when it becomes available) you will need to email a proof of purchase.

The "Books" section of this site will be updated as soon as the new ebook links are active.


Again, thanks for reading and continued support of the Crooked Fang series.


Carrie Clevenger


PS: Further inquiries can be directed to the email address listed on the "About" tab on this site.

Cover reveal - Traitors, a new Crooked Fang novella

Hey Gang,

I figured we'd start Monday off with a bang. I've been running my mouth about the new cover of Traitors (and about Traitors itself) and hadn't produced much of nothing. Well, covers take time and as we here at Crooked Fang have found out, lots of cooperating people. Or maybe layers of talent, either way. Carrie Clevenger designed the first Traitors concept art and was pretty proud of it until she started talking to the art geeks. One thing led to another and in a Facebook group for automotive artists (how about that) she ran into Jyann Boyer (pop his website url into Google Translate for English) from France. Considering that conversation took place using Google Translate for the most part, it really is neat that Jyann understood her vision for the cover damn near immediately. After that, Carrie's husband, Lucas Clevenger, added a few last flame highlights and amped up the color even more.

The font for the title is Carrie Clevenger's own handwriting. Cool, huh?


Anyway, here you go. Looking to release this baby somewhere between September and October (I'm rooting for 10/10, my birthday) as a novella on all the ebook formats. Print options are gonna be dependent on demand, as a wrap-around cover would have to be worked out and we don't believe in half-assed shit around here.

Speaking of half-assed, sorry for no blurb yet, but it's still in progress. What I can say is, this is a fast-paced adventure-type novella set for the most part in East Texas. My passenger? Nin.

'Til next time,



Help Our Friends on the East Coast

Hey Gang,

As you know, our friends up on the East coast were hit real hard by Hurricane Sandy and some lost every damn thing they had. I'd like to encourage each of my readers to take this time to stop for a moment and send a little monetary hug to those people. If you're in the area, jackets and warm clothing are needed real bad. And if you aren't, there's a few ways you can help still.

One of the easiest ways I've found is donating through iTunes, (skip buying an album, look at it this way) and you can give various amounts, from $5 to $200 and 100% of your donation will go directly to Red Cross. Or, if you prefer, drop by and give directly. You can even have recurring donations if you want.

To donate through iTunes, here's the direct link that will prompt your iTunes to pop up.

To those affected by Hurricane Sandy, we at Crooked Fang are thinking of you. Stay safe, dry and warm.


Happy Halloween!

Congrats to John Taylor who won the big ass grand prize of a signed paperback and some other shit. Stay safe tonight!


Last Few Days to save on Crooked Fang + News

Hey Gang,

Last week to get Crooked Fang on sale and there's a few places to get it at the discount:

Author post on sale locations for Kindle, Nook and print

Direct off Lyrical for $1.50 (which is less than the others even and includes a zip file of all formats, including PDF)

Hope you cats have a great Halloween and as a last chance to get in for the signed print prize (which includes entrants from the earlier ebook giveaways) you can comment here and tell me something nice. Maybe you're excited for a new movie or album. Doesn't matter what you tell me, just talk away. Your comment will be an entry for the print book drawing on Halloween.

Since we've had an issue of people not being able to be contacted, you gotta leave an email address in your comment to be reached. I don't make phone calls.


Have fun,